Fotowettbewerb für alle, die gerne Störche fotografieren!

Anlässlich der alljährlichen Storchenfestivitäten im spanischen Malpartia de Cáceres (wie Rühstädt ein Europäisches Storchendorf) findet auch dieses Jahr wieder ein Fotowettbewerb statt, zu dem alle eingeladen sind, die ihre schönsten Storchenbilder zeigen und vielleicht prämiert bekommen möchten.



Malpartida de Cáceres – Cáceres - Spain

The Malpartida de Cáceres City Council, the Tourist and Craft Board of the County

Council of Cáceres and the Environmental General Direction of the Regional

Council, are organizing the accordingly to the following terms and conditions:


1. Any amateur or professional photographer can enter the contest. They must be the

authors of the works submitted and hold the respective rights over them.

2. Subject: “WHITE STORK”

3. Each author will be allowed a maximum of two pictures, whether in black and

white or in colour.

4. Photographs will be sent one by one. Its size should be of 3543 x 2362 pixels, either

20 x 30 cm, with a resolution of 300 ppp, and in jpg format, with a size of file 3 Mb

min. and 5 Mb max.

Photographs that have been digitally enhanced, use colour manipulation, cloning,

or photo montages will not be accepted. A 20% crop in size will be allowed.

Adjustments used in normal digital film developing like sharp mask, saturation,

levels and other adjustments will be accepted.

The RAW image of the winning photos will be requested and failure to submit

them within the set date will lead to disqualification.

5. Participants should send the photographs by e-mail to the following address:

In addition to the photographs, participants should include a document with the

following information:

• Title and Personal information (full name, address, telephone and e-mail


The name of the JPG file and the text must be the same as the title of the

photograph, and cannot include any reference to the author (pseudonyms, initials,

nicknames, etc.).

A return receipt will be sent when your e-mail has been received and the

photographs have been viewed correctly.

Once all the photographs have been received, they will be given to the jury

keeping the authors anonymous.

6. Photos must be submitted no later than 14:00h on 5 march, 2018

7. Participants will be rewarded as follows prizes: First prize: 1.200€, Second prize:

600€, Third prize: 400€.

The prize amount will be subject to the tax withholding regulations established by


The same person may not be awarded more than one prize.

The prize-awarding ceremony will be held on 14 April, during closing ceremony of

Stork Week, XXIX edition.

All those awarded a prize must attend the prize-awarding ceremony. If they are

unable to attend, the person winning the prize must designate someone to take

their place and collect the prize.

8. At least 25 photos will be selected from all the works presented, which will be

printed out on photographic paper and exhibited during Stork Week. The photos

selected may form part of a permanent or itinerant exhibition promoting Stork


9. The Jury’s resolution will be unappealable. The works could be declared null and

void if the jury considers it. The jury will be composed by professional

photographers, officials of Institutions, and members of Nature Associations, all of

them related to the Environment

The Jury will take into account the circumstances under the photo was taken, and

will also value negatively those photos damaging the birds or their environment,

by reference to the code of ethic of the photographer´s association of the nature


10 The winning prize authors, owners of the copyright, have to get the rights to the

organization, who could make use of them to promote the contest or any other

promotional activities, stating their author’s name, but never for profit.

11 Taking part in this contest implies the acknowledgment and acceptance of these


For more information contact us by e-mail:

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